What is Pattu Pavadai

What is Pattu Pavadai

Pattu Pavadai or pattu pavada is a traditional South Indian worn by young girls, typically between the ages of 1 to 12 years and now upto 18 Years all girls are wearing Traditional wear for all functions like pattu half saree and pattu langa. Pattu Pavadai comes with two sets consisting of a long skirt called the "pattu pavadai" or "pattu langa" and a blouse known as the "pattu blouse" or "choli." The word "pattu" means silk in the Tamil.

The pattu pavadai is known for its colors,designs, and embellishments such as zari (golden thread), sequins, beads, and stones. It is commonly worn during festive occasions, religious ceremonies, weddings, and cultural events in the South Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Kerala.

The Pattu Pavadai has many variety like Silk blend pavadai sattai made from the material of Banaras, Brocade, Tissue, Chanderi etc. from North India and Art silk and semi silk pavadai sattai are made South Indian. Pattu has many segment for girls like pavadai sattai, pattu half saree, pattu frock etc.

Top designer and manufacturer of pattu pavadai brand is "Shivangi Clothing" from Tamilnadu. They deals in Pattu pavadai, Pattu Half Saree, Pattu long frock, Pattu Short Frock and Accessories for kids and Women.

Visit:  https://www.shivangiclothing.com/ for girls all type of traditional collections.

Pattu pavadai is considered a symbol of tradition and cultural identity in South India especially Tamil nadu and Andhra. It is a beloved attire for young girls and is often passed down through generations as a cherished heirloom.

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  • Now a days our kids don’t prefer to wear all these type of dresses as they are not convenient to wear. after a long strugle we have convinced our daughter to wear pattupavadai for a marriage function. As we had limited time, we bought on from Shivangi with lot of hesitation.
    To be frank we got surprised with the dress. We didn’t have much of challenges like fit, color difference, quality of stitch and over all finishing.
    With little hesitation she accepted to wear the dress for the first time and I see my angel as real angel.
    Most of the eyes were at her and few of them admired her. This was a new experience and she really felt some new feel with that Pattupavadai in her life.
    I just asked her about how was the feel on the traditional dress ? she replied with a simple ‘Hmm’.
    We know the meaning .
    Thanks for the effort to revamp these cultural attires back. Now a days you guys made out life easy on these type of dress purchase.

    Keep up the great job. Thanks

    - Vazeegar

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