Pricing Policy

  1. Introduction to Pricing Policy :
    At, our commitment is to offer quality products at reasonable prices. This Pricing Policy elucidates our approach to pricing, including matters related to discounts, variations, and errors. We urge all customers to familiarize themselves with this policy before making a purchase.

    2. Base Price Determination :
    The base price of each product on is determined by various factors: cost of materials, labor, design intricacy, overheads, and other operational costs. This is to ensure a fair and sustainable business model while providing customers with competitive rates.

    3.  Discounts and Promotions :
    From time to time, may offer discounts and promotions on select items. These offers are discretionary and can be withdrawn or altered without prior notice. Discounts are applicable only during the promotional period and cannot be combined unless specified.

    4.  Pricing Errors :
    While we strive for accuracy, inadvertent pricing errors may occur on our platform. In the event of a product being listed at an incorrect price, reserves the right to cancel any orders placed for that product. Customers will be informed and given the option to reorder at the correct price.

    5.  Price Tag Discrepancies :
    Physical tags attached to products may sometimes display prices that differ from those listed online due to factors like promotions, stock clearance, or regional variations. The binding price is the one displayed at the checkout on

    6.  Price Fluctuations :
    Prices of products on are subject to change without notice. However, once an order is placed, the price payable will remain unchanged for that order, irrespective of future price changes.

    7.  Customization Pricing Variance :
    Customized orders, where customers seek specific alterations or designs, might result in a different pricing structure, depending on the degree of customization. Such orders often require additional materials, labor, or specialized skills, leading to variations in the final price.

    8.  Embroidery and Special Features :
    Detailed embroidery or specialized features on clothing may lead to a price premium due to the intricate labor and higher material costs involved. It’s essential to understand that these specialized works are unique and time-consuming, justifying the additional price.

    9.  Bulk Orders and Wholesale Pricing :
    Customers ordering in bulk or for commercial purposes might be eligible for special pricing or discounts. However, this is at's discretion and subject to certain terms and conditions.

    10.  Geographic Price Variations :
    Prices may vary based on the geographic location due to factors like shipping costs, regional taxes, and import/export duties. International orders, especially, might experience variations in the final payable amount.

    11.  Government Taxes and Levies :
    All prices on are inclusive of applicable government taxes, including but not limited to GST. However, international customers are responsible for any customs duties or taxes imposed by their respective countries.

    12.  Currency Fluctuations :
    For international orders, currency exchange rates might influence the final price. is not responsible for any price variances caused by fluctuating exchange rates.

    13.  Transparency in Pricing :
    At, we are dedicated to maintaining transparency in our pricing. Any components contributing to the final price, including taxes or additional charges, will be clearly itemized before checkout.

    14.  Price Matching : does not commit to match prices of other retailers or online platforms. Our prices are a reflection of our quality, design, and service standards.

    15.  Seasonal Price Variations :
    Certain products might experience seasonal price variations, reflecting factors like demand, availability, and fashion trends.

    16.  Price Protection :
    If a purchased item goes on sale within a certain period after purchase (typically 7 days), customers can contact our support team for potential price adjustments. This is at the sole discretion of

    17.  Price Hikes :
    While we strive to maintain consistent pricing, external factors like increased material costs, labor charges, or changes in tax structures might necessitate price hikes.

    18.  Sale Items :
    Products on sale or clearance are priced to reflect their status, and such prices are only valid while stocks last. They might not be eligible for further discounts or promotions.

    19.  Liability Limitation :
    While we endeavor for 100% accuracy, in no event shall be liable for any indirect, consequential, incidental, or special damages or any financial loss resulting from the purchase of products, even if informed of the possibility of such damages.

    20.  Policy Modifications : reserves the right to update or modify this Pricing Policy at any time without prior notice. Customers are advised to review the policy periodically

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