Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction :
    Welcome to ShivangiClothing.com. This platform serves as a digital fashion marketplace, showcasing a wide array of clothing options and fashion accessories. By accessing, browsing, and using this website, you acknowledge and signify your explicit agreement to these terms and conditions. Alongside our privacy policy, these terms dictate Shivangi Clothing's relationship with you, the user. For anyone reluctant or disagreeing with any portion of these terms, it's advised not to utilize our platform.
  2. User Obligations and Eligibility :
    When you opt to access Shivangi Clothing.com, you affirm that you are either over 18 or possess parental or guardian consent. Users are personally responsible for ensuring the legal permissibility of accessing this site from their region or jurisdiction. Additionally, every activity, ranging from content sharing to communication under your user profile, falls under your purview.
  3. Intellectual Property and Copyright :
    Shivangi Clothing.com is a repository of numerous digital assets. From intricate designs, insightful content, vibrant graphics, to other related elements—all remain exclusively owned or licensed by Shivangi Clothing.com. These components are sheltered under international copyright and intellectual property laws. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or replication in any form is sternly prohibited. Any breaches might lead to legal repercussions.
  4. Limitation of Liability and User Acknowledgment :
    While we strive for perfection, the digital world remains unpredictable. Shivangi Clothing and all associated parties renounce all liabilities concerning any loss, damage, or personal injury due to website utilization or inability to access our services. This covers both direct and indirect consequences. Users, by accessing this site, acknowledge the inherent risks associated with digital transactions and platforms.

    5.  Product Integrity, Pricing, and Corrections :
    Shivangi Clothing takes pride in its product listings and detailed descriptions. However, errors, be they typographical or informational, can occur. We reserve unconditional rights to amend, correct, or modify any information without prior intimation. If an order gets placed under misrepresented pricing or information, Shivangi Clothing holds the discretion to cancel such orders, ensuring fairness and transparency.

    6.  Delivery, Shipping, and Handling :
    Shivangi Clothing has collaborated with multiple delivery partners to ensure your purchases reach you timely. However, specific delivery times can't be guaranteed, especially during peak seasons or unforeseen circumstances. The responsibility for any delays, including those caused by postal disruptions or unforeseen events, lies outside of our control, and we request users to be understanding in such scenarios.

    7.  User Account Dynamics :
    To enjoy a personalized experience, users may need to create a dedicated account. Account holders must ensure the confidentiality of their login credentials. Any activities under your profile remain your responsibility. Shivangi Clothing, however, retains the authority to terminate or suspend accounts under suspicious or malicious activities.

    8.  Jurisdiction and Governing Laws :
    The digital landscape of ShivangiClothing.com operates under specific legal frameworks. Any disputes or claims arising out of or related to the use of ShivangiClothing.com, or these terms, are governed by the prevailing laws of the jurisdiction in which Shivangi Clothing operates.

    9.  External Links and Third-party Associations :
    ShivangiClothing might feature links redirecting to third-party websites. These are merely for user convenience, and their inclusion doesn't imply our endorsement. Users venturing into these external sites do so at their risk, as we don't have control over their content or policies.

    10.  Amendments and Revisions :
    Digital platforms evolve, and so do their governing rules. Shivangi Clothing reserves an irrevocable right to update or modify these terms without prior notification. Users should occasionally revisit these terms to stay updated.

    11.  Privacy and Data Handling :
    Your digital footprint and data are of paramount importance to Shivangi Clothing. Our privacy policy, a separate comprehensive document, delves deeper into how we handle, process, and protect your personal data.

    12.  Platform Termination Rights :
    In the pursuit of maintaining a healthy digital environment, Shivangi Clothing might decide to suspend or terminate user access if activities deemed harmful or in violation of these terms are detected.

    13.  User Feedback and Content Contribution :
    Shivangi Clothing welcomes and appreciates user feedback. Any insights, comments, reviews, or suggestions you contribute can be freely utilized by Shivangi Clothing for developmental purposes or promotional campaigns.

    14.  Dispute Resolution and Arbitration :
    The digital realm, though vast, isn't devoid of conflicts. Shivangi Clothing promotes amicable resolutions. Failing such resolutions, disputes will be directed towards binding arbitration in our operational jurisdiction.

    15.  Entire Agreement and Understanding :
    These terms and conditions, combined with other mentioned policies, form the entire agreement between ShivangiClothing.com and the user. It supersedes any prior oral or written negotiations or agreements.

    16.  Force Majeure :
    Shivangi Clothing won't be deemed in default or held responsible for any cessation, interruption, or delay in its obligations due to causes beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to natural disasters, wars, or internet disruptions.

    17.  User Restrictions :
    Certain sections of the site may be restricted to registered users. Shivangi Clothing reserves the right to restrict access to other areas of this website, or the entire platform, at our discretion.

    18.  Waiver and Severability :
    If any provision of these terms is deemed unlawful, it won't affect the enforceability of the remaining provisions. Any failure by Shivangi Clothing to enforce strict performance of these terms doesn't mean we waive our right to do so later.

    19.  Advertising and Promotions :
    Shivangi Clothing might run advertising campaigns or promotions. The terms and conditions for such events will be specified separately, and by participating, users agree to abide by those specific terms.

    20.  Safety and Security Protocols :
    While we employ stringent security measures to protect user data and ensure a safe browsing experience, we cannot guarantee absolute security due to the evolving nature of internet threats. Users are advised to practice safe internet habits and be cautious of phishing scams or malicious links.
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