Tax Policy

  1. Introduction to Taxation Policy:
    Welcome to the taxation guidelines of The following terms are designed to provide clarity and transparency regarding the taxation protocols followed by Shivangi Clothing, a brand operated under the umbrella of Inway Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. As with all legal documents, understanding these terms is paramount before engaging in any transaction on our platform.

    2. Domestic Taxation Responsibility:
    For all domestic orders, that is, orders placed and delivered within the jurisdiction of our operation, Inway Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. assumes full responsibility for adhering to the local tax regulations. This encompasses, but is not limited to, the Goods and Services Tax (GST). We ensure that all applicable taxes are calculated and incorporated as per the prescribed rates set by the relevant authorities, ensuring complete compliance and transparency in our operations.

    3.  International Shipments - Preliminary Understanding:
    International transactions bring forth an array of complex taxation scenarios due to the diverse regulations of different countries. Shivangi Clothing’s commitment is to ensure that the buying process is as seamless as possible for our international customers. However, it's crucial for customers to be informed that international shipments might be subject to additional customs duties, taxes, or charges imposed by the receiving country.

    4.  Liability of International Duties and Taxes :
    It's imperative to highlight that while Shivangi Clothing takes responsibility for domestic taxes, the brand cannot influence, predict, or take responsibility for any duties, taxes, or charges levied by customs in the receiving country. Such charges are beyond our control and vary from one country to another, based on their specific regulations.

    5.  Customer's Responsibility on International Shipments:
    When an international order is placed on, the customer implicitly agrees to bear any additional duties, VAT, or customs charges that might be imposed upon the shipment's arrival in the destination country. It's the customer's sole responsibility to clear these charges and facilitate the successful delivery of their order.

    6.  Potential Delays Due to Customs :
    International shipments might face delays due to the customs clearance process in the receiving country. Shivangi Clothing endeavors to provide estimated delivery dates, but it's crucial for customers to understand that these are merely estimates, and actual delivery timelines can be affected by customs procedures, over which we have no control.

    7.  Refusal to Pay Duties :
    If a customer refuses to pay the necessary customs duties, taxes, or charges and the shipment is returned to Shivangi Clothing, any return shipping charges, along with the original customs duties, will be deducted from the refund amount. It's paramount for customers to be aware of this while placing international orders.

    8.  Queries Regarding Duties and Taxes :
    Shivangi Clothing encourages its customers to get acquainted with their country's customs policies before placing an order. For detailed information on potential charges, customers should consult their local customs office. Our customer service team will endeavor to provide assistance, but cannot offer definitive advice on customs charges.

    9.  Declaration of Package Value : commits to honesty and transparency in all its transactions. As such, for every international shipment, we will accurately declare the value of the package's contents. This is a legal mandate and ensures our customers' trust in our operations.

    10.  Updates and Amendments to the Taxation Policy :
    Taxation norms and customs regulations are dynamic and can change based on governmental decisions. Shivangi Clothing reserves the right to update this taxation policy to reflect any new changes or regulations. Customers are advised to periodically review the policy to stay informed.

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